NPR 'The Secret Lives of Teachers'

by NPR Special Series NPR ‘The Secret Lives of Teachers’ January 25, 2015 The NPR Ed team is discovering what teachers do when they’re not teaching. Artist? Carpenter? Quidditch player? Explore our Secret Lives of Teachers series. It’s not unusual for kids to wear a T-shirt to school with their favorite band on it. But […]

The LA Beat

by Aileen Fraser, The LA Beat The LA Beat January 28, 2015 Relatively new on the L.A. scene, all lady trio No Small Children have been tearing it up, one dive bar and one small club at a time. Expect them in larger (and more expensive) venues, soon. Right now, though, you can see them in a […]

El Cid’s Tasty Surf Punk, Alt-Rock and Pop Punk Combo Platter!

by Judy Ornelas Sisneros, The LA Beat The LA Beat, October 2014 Did you notice all the traffic headed to El Cid Restaurant last Saturday night? This is why: It was The Neptunas first LA gig in 10 years…Pamita, Leslita and Laura Bethita brought the surf punk fun on stage and an Al’s Bar reunion […]


NPR Weekend Edition – 1/1/17 By day, Nicola Berlinsky and sisters Lisa Pimentel and Joanie Pimentel are all teachers at the same elementary school in southern California. By night, they’re rockers, playing together in a band called No Small Children. It sounds like a lot to balance, but the members say they often find their […]

Guitar Girl Magazine

by Steve Byrd, Guitar Girl Magazine Guitar Girl Magazine, August 2013 What began as an imaginary idea between a couple of schoolteachers has evolved into a full-fledged female band that rocks after the bell rings. No Small Children [NSC], featuring guitarist-singer Lisa Parade, bassist Joanie Pimentel, and drummer Nicola B., deliver a sound that has […]

Badass Bands Blog

Badass Bands Blog, July 2013 It’s rare to find a band fully comprised of chicks, and badass chicks at that. These ladies peaked my interest not only via their amazing talent and well-written, fun songs, but the fact that they are all teachers. Badass Band 78 is No Small Children. I happened upon NSC one […]

Segarini, Don't believe a word I say

by Frank Gutch Jr., Don’t Believe a Word I Say Segarini, Don’t believe a word I say, May 2013 I let loose with these ladies the first time I heard them. The first salvo of Wenches & Bitches did it. Three-man (er, woman) rawk it is, straight out of the heavy metal songbook— or not. […]

No Depression, The Roots Music Authority

No Depression, The Roots Music Authority, May 2013 There are bands and there are bands, but occasionally there are BANDS and No Small Children are right now proving that they are one of those. Elementary school teachers by day, they toss off the persona of schoolmar’m at night, donning pretty dresses, plugging in amps and […]

Geeks of Doom

Geeks of Doom, May 2013 …Finally, all-girl band No Small Children opened the gig, which sported fast, loud, and intelligent punk and post-punk ditties about staying in bed and the perils of being a young woman, coupled with the lead singer nimbly playing her guitar with solid mixes of soloing, riffs out of the 1970s […]

Frank Gutch Jr

Frank Gutch Jr, April 2013 They are school teachers by day and wenches and bitches by night. Their words, not mine. Wenches and Bitches is indeed the leadoff track to their recent EP titled Dear Youth and you can bet if the kids could hear it, they would petition to be transferred en masse to […]